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In the beginning, this dance was performed in front of Maratta King, Zamindars and in temple festivals. Later, my grand-father, Engogi Rao, uncles Maalari Rao and Sivasamy Rao were performing this dance. Then, Uthrapathi Poojariyar took an active part to grow this art. Afterwards, my father A. Raju Rao, his brother Ramachandra Rao and my mother Saraswathi Bai had given a great performance for a quite long time.

At present, I am (Nadi Rao) performing this Dance with my wife Kamatchi since 1959. We are receiving a lot of encouragements whereever we go, because of our King and Queen act, adoring/wearing King and Queen dresses. We are making use of drums, Nadhaswaram(a flute like instruments), Pambai, Urumi(a variety of drums), clarinet, Bolum and especially Maratta Kundhalam(an instrument, most suitable Horse Dance) etc in first time.

In addition to the Dummy Horse Dance, we have added Karaga Attam(a dance with beautified metal pots on heads), Kavadi Attam(Dancing with a strong bow like wooden material kept on shoulders and head, performing the balance of bow). Further, Peacock dance, Tiger hunting, Bull dance, Kuruvan-Kurathi dance(a variety of tribal dance), Lord Shiva- Kali dance etc are the most interesting performances of our team.

We have been doing this since 1959 for the State Government functions under the leadership of my father. Now, my wife, my sons Shivaji Rao, Jeeva Rao, Maheshwara Rao, daughters Nirmala, Mahesh, Jayanthi and inrumentalists are in our team at Thanjavur.

Like me, my uncles TC. Sundaramurthi, in Bangalore and late TM.Ganesh Rao in chennai had grown this art for a quite long time and they were awarded "Kalai Mamani" title for their wonderful performance, by the Government of Tamilnadu. The South Zone Cultural Centre had awarded a title, "Guru-Sishya" for my talents.

I also received "Kalaimamani" and "Kalaithendral" titles in 1992 from the government of Tamilnadu. I am an "A" Grade Artist in All India Radio Trichy.

During 1986, the South Zone cultural Centre was established in Thanjavur by the Government of India to safeguard the fine arts and the interests of the artists from ruin. This centre selected our team for conducting programmes in various states of India and other countries through our External Affairs Ministry.

The certificates issued by the conveners locally and aboard are listed below as a seperate enclosure for the perusal of all.

Finally, we, the whole team putforth a few words to all of your considerations.

Eventhough, a number of Folk Dances fluorish all over the world, this Dummy Horse Dance with all its associates, is very hard not only in learning but also too hard in performing. Further, this Dummy Horse Dance comes under the Folk Dance group and it is a major traditional art of Indian culture.

This art does not belong to Thanjavur alone. It can be speard to the world all over. This art enriches the minds of people as other arts do.

Therefore, we, all the team members humbly and whole heartedly request all the people of the universe to encourage us and patronise us by converning programmes of this Dummy Horse Dance, in all the Nations to safeguard such an old tradition of a beautiful art, from total ruin in the later stage.

-KalaiMamani T.A.R. NadiRao

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